Your vehicle deserves winter tires for optimal traction during winter. Driving is tough during Canadian winters and as such, having quality new or used winter tires from GD Wholesale Tires ensures safety.

Why winter tires?

Unlike other types of tires - winter tires stick to the road better and reduce the chance of collisions. They have superior tread patterns designed for traction on ice and snow and have softer rubber compounds to enhance grip. Due to that, when its cold, whether its on dry pavement, snow or slush, it will outperform all season tires.

Not just snow and ice!

Winter tires work better anytime its cold. Canadian winters are known to be long and cold - so having winter tires from GD Wholesale tires for the entire winter season gives you peace of mind on the road.


GD Wholesale tires is your source for quality new winter tires and quality used winter tires in ajax. Bring your vehicle in for a tire swap this season or have our professionals install a set of new winter tires for you!

GD Wholesale Tires carries a wide selection of winter tires in ajax- new and used - as well as wheels.

Let our experts help you pick the right tires, install and inflate them for you.

GD Wholesale tires is your local ajax winter tire supplier.

We welcome your calls! If you’d like to confirm details about tire types, size, pricing, and availability, contact us by calling 905-231-0091.